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The Economic Development Department is responsible for administering a variety of economic development programs, such as Community Development Block Grants, the City’s State-certified Enterprise Zone, tax increment financing, T.I.F. District redevelopment, and neighborhood commercial district revitalization. Download Comprehesive Plan


The Department works closely with Federal, State and local government divisions to develop and implement effective programs for local businesses and distressed neighborhoods.


The City of Calumet City has taken a very assertive approach in redefining the business community by establishing and implementing various economic tools including Tax Increment Financing, Enterprise Zone, Cook County Tax Incentives and much more due to Home Rule Status. Because of this effort, business, residential, park and school districts have all experienced an unprecedented growth and improvement period.


Our business community serves not only those who reside in Calumet City, but also hundreds of thousands who reside in the 15 mile radius that make Calumet City shopping districts their destination. In addition Calumet City has a rich cultural history of which we are proud. The successful implementation of community, beautification and city marketing programs are a testament that the administration¹s vision is becoming a reality!


Trade Area Population

Trade Area Total Population
10 minutes 99,806
15 minutes 227,997
30 minutes 1,362,402
45 minutes 3,632,947
60 minutes 6,210,159

Located in City Hall


Val Williams
[email protected]
204 Pulaski Road
Calumet City, IL 60409

“Working with businesses and developers to maintain and enhance Calumet City's commercial and industrial districts.”


Working with businesses for growth and development!

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