Outstanding Transportation in Place


One of Calumet City’s major assets is its location within the region and the excellent transportation in place.




Burnham and Chicago to the north, Hammond, Indiana to the east, Lansing to the south, and Dolton and South Holland to the west. The City lies along Interstate 94 (Bishop Ford Freeway) and is in close proximity to Interstate 80 (Kingery Expressway). These two major expressways allow access to the entire region and in the case of Interstate 80, the entire nation.


Interstate 94 (Bishop Ford Freeway) is located along the City’s western border. There is partial access at State Street and full access at both Sibley Boulevard and River Oaks Drive/159th Street. Interstate 80 (Kingery Expressway) is located south of the City limits and has full access off of Torrence Avenue. While Interstate 80 does not run through or border the City, it is a major thoroughfare for those traveling to and from Calumet City.


Principal Arterials


Principal arterial roads are designed to carry a large amount of traffic which service regional trips within the City and neighboring communities. These routes primarily serve commercial districts and accommodate through travel appropriately.


All three of the City’s principal arterial routes have full access to an interstate highway. Torrence Avenue, which runs north to south, gives the community access to Interstate 80 and River Oaks Mall. On the west side of Torrence Avenue, Sibley Boulevard and River Oaks Drive give the community access to Interstate 94, Dolton, South Holland, and other western suburbs. This portion of Sibley Boulevard also serves as a major commercial corridor for Calumet City. 





There are several rail lines that travel through the northern areas of Calumet City. These freight lines are a valuable asset when trying to improve industrial growth. The following are the major railway companies that go through Calumet City: 


Norfolk Southern


Norfolk Southern is one of the main railways running through Calumet City. It is considered a Class I railroad by the federal government which means the company earns over $250 million in annual revenue. With about 20,000 route miles spanning 22 eastern states and Ontario, Canada, it is one of the most extensive intermodal rail network in North America.


The Indiana Harbor Belt


The Indiana Harbor Belt is another major railway that runs through the City and it services the industries on the northeast side. It is considered a Class III railroad by the federal government which means the company earn under $20 million in annual revenue. The route is considered a short line railway and the main line circles Chicago from near O’Hare to Northwest Indiana. The industrial traffic base includes some of the largest steel producers in the United States and oil refineries, corn millers, grain elevators, chemical plants, warehouses, and lumber trans loading. The Indiana Harbor Belt connects to the Indiana International Port and also operates as an intermediate switch carrier for 12 truck-line railroads.



Truck Routes


IDOT has designated several truck routes that run through Calumet City and nearby communities. The existing routes encourage trucks to travel on Sibley Boulevard, Torrence Avenue, and River Oaks Drive/159th Street to connect to the nearby interstates. In nearby Hammond, Indiana there are truck routes that travel through the City and connect to Interstate 80 and Interstate 90.


Calumet City is planning new routes to serve the existing and future industrial sites adjacent to State Street. With the new connection with Hammond’s route, it will give freight trucks and opportunity to travel directly to Interstate 90 and shorten their time on local roads. River Oaks Drive/159th Street Truck Route Also along River Oaks Drive/159th Street, to service the commercial businesses east of Torrence Avenue and give truck drivers a second option to travel to Interstate 80.


Roadway and Rail Map
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Calumet City Truck Route
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Calumet City PACE Bus Route
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